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Wise Travel Money Card

Last Updated on April 17, 2023 by Mavia

For all your journeys, use one currency card. Use it right away as a digital card and top it off with the mid-market rate from the app. Save up to 88% when making purchases abroad. Wise Travel Money Card Spend time in 175 nations. For purchases made in 53 different currencies, the Smart travel money card offers you the exchange rate that can be found on Google. Use your card to make cash withdrawals from 3 million ATMs in more than 175 countries.

Save up to 88% when making purchases abroad


You can receive a better exchange rate and lesser costs with the Smart travel money card than your bank. The Smart travel money card will use any local currency that is available in your account. If not, it will automatically convert your funds for a little fee at the going rate.



Immediately use Google or Apple Pay

There is no need to await for the actual currency card. Your Wise travel money card can also be used with Apple Pay or Google Pay. It functions exactly the same as a physical currency card, but it only resides on your phone or laptop.

Free withdrawals from ATMs of up to £200 each month

Using ATMs overseas is made worry-free with the Wise travel cash card. After the first £200 in withdrawals, there is simply a modest cost. Avoid paying currency rate hidden costs while using an ATM abroad.

A travel money card is what

A travel money card, often known as a currency card, is a sort of card that enables you to carry around and use several currencies while traveling abroad. Also, there are no unanticipated costs when using the Wise card. With the free Wise app, you may change up to 50 different currencies in your travel money card at mid-market rates.

Unlike travel money cash, you don’t even need to convert the money beforehand; just use the travel money card to withdraw cash from ATMs, shops, or online, and we’ll convert the money from any currency you own for a little cost.


Is a travel money card preferable to cash

A common method of using travel money when away from home is via a travel money card, commonly referred to as a currency card. In comparison to carrying foreign currency in cash, it is simpler, safer, and less complicated to use traveler’s checks. Usually, it’s less expensive than changing money when you get there.

Additional advice for reducing travel expenses

Avoid exchanging currency at the airport; using a travel money card to make an ATM withdrawal will be significantly cheaper.
When using your travel money card in stores and restaurants or withdrawing cash from an ATM, always select the local currency (without conversion). Transfer your funds using Wise if you must use foreign currency to pay for your vacation.
Use the free Wise app to manage your balance wherever you are.

The Smart travel credit card is secure

In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) independently regulates Wise as an authorized electronic money institution.
This means that we are required by law to store your funds in a low-risk financial institution, such as our UK account with Barclays in Europe or our US account with Wells Fargo in the US.



1. Where can I use the Wise travel money card?

You can spend on your Wise travel money card in 50+ currencies around the world. You can also use your card with Apple Pay or Google Pay. See a list of currencies we support.

2. What can you use a Wise travel money card for?

With Wise travel money card, you can:

  • Withdraw cash from millions of ATMs all over the world
  • Pay for meals in restaurants, cafes, and bars
  • Pay for accommodation or flights online
  • Spend in shops, or shop online in more than 50 different currencies
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