Email Marketing

Email Marketing


Design and test a unique html coded email for you (product/service specific)

Send this email to up to 2,000 highly relevant email addresses

Provide detailed analytics of the effectiveness of the campaign

*we can provide high-quality data or you can provide us with an email list you wish to target*

Email has been around for more than two decades, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s still the quickest and most direct way to reach customers with critical information. The reason is simple: Consumers are very attached to their emails. Just ask yourself how many times you have checked your email in the past hour…See what we mean?

But great marketers know that not just any email will do. Successful email campaigns must be engaging, relevant, informative, and entertaining. To succeed, your marketing emails should satisfy these five core attributes:

  • Trustworthy
  • Relevant
  • Conversational
  • Be coordinated across channels
  • Strategic

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Create Email Campaigns Quickly And Easily

If you know how to use a word processor, you know how to create emails in Marketo. Our visual editor and fully responsive templates make creating emails that look great on any device simple and fast.

Respond To Customers In The Moment

Trigger emails automatically in real-time based on activity—or lack of activity—in any customer channel or changes in your CRM system. No programming is required.

Drive Better Results With Personalized Emails

Tap the rich insights on your customers in the Audience Hub to dynamically send the right message to the right person, in the same email sent. Use A/B/n testing and predictive content on batch or triggered emails to improve results.

Ensure Your Segments Are Always Current

Guarantee your customer segments are always up to date. The Audience Hub dynamically updates your segments in real-time based on individual customer behaviors and changes in their demographic profile.

Make Sure Your Email Messages Hit Inboxes

Email deliverability is a critical factor in the success of your email campaigns. Get industry-leading deliverability to ensure your messages hit your recipients’ inboxes—whether you send thousands of emails or billions of emails each year.

Know How Your Email Campaigns Perform Anytime, Anywhere

Get your email marketing performance metrics when you need them. Review and reschedule your email campaigns directly from your iOS or Android device with the Marketo Moments app.