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Latest petrol price in Pakistan from June 1

Last Updated on June 5, 2023 by Mavia

The fluctuation of petrol prices has a significant impact on the economy and the daily lives of citizens. As June approaches, many individuals are eagerly anticipating whether petrol prices will increase or decrease in Pakistan. Let’s examine the factors that influence petrol prices and assess the potential outlook for the coming month.

Latest petrol price in Pakistan from June 1

As the Sharif-led administration prepares to offer some respite to the populace, which is suffering from record inflation, petroleum prices are anticipated to decline starting next month.

According to media reports, the government intended to pass the relief on to the general public before the upcoming federal budget 2023–24, in which taxes are likely to be levied. As a result, the price of gasoline would decrease by Rs 10 per litre in the first half of June 2023.In accordance with the decrease in the ex-refinery price, reports state that the price of gasoline is anticipated to decrease by Rs10 per litre.

petrol price in pakistan

The Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and other authorities will finalize the relief after meeting with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, therefore no decision has been made.

The coalition administration also reduced the cost of gasoline earlier this month by Rs. 12, and diesel by Rs. 30.

  1. Global Oil Market Trends: The global oil market serves as a key determinant for petrol prices in Pakistan. A recent report by Energy Today highlights that fluctuations in international crude oil prices, influenced by factors such as geopolitical tensions, supply-demand dynamics, and OPEC decisions, play a vital role in shaping domestic petrol prices.
  2. Currency Exchange Rates: Currency exchange rates, particularly the value of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar, also impact petrol prices. The Business Finance Journal explains that a weaker Rupee can lead to higher import costs of petroleum products, potentially resulting in increased petrol prices. Conversely, a stronger Rupee may contribute to lower prices.
  3. Government Policy and Taxation: Government policies and taxation measures significantly influence petrol prices. The authorities in Pakistan regularly review the taxation structure to adjust for fiscal requirements and maintain a balance between revenue generation and consumer affordability. The Finance Ministry’s decisions on tax rates can impact the final price at the pump.
  4. Oil Supply and Demand Dynamics: Supply and demand dynamics within the domestic market also affect petrol prices. Factors such as seasonal variations, economic activity, and transportation needs can influence the demand for petrol. Additionally, fluctuations in crude oil supply, both domestically and globally, can have an indirect impact on petrol prices.

While it is challenging to predict petrol prices with absolute certainty, considering the aforementioned factors, here is a potential outlook for June in Pakistan:

petrol price in pakistan

  1. Crude Oil Prices: The global crude oil market has experienced volatility in recent months due to geopolitical factors and supply-demand imbalances. Analysts anticipate that any significant changes in international crude oil prices may have a cascading effect on petrol prices in Pakistan.
  2. Currency Exchange Rates: The stability of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar will be a crucial factor. A steady Rupee or a slight appreciation may help mitigate potential price increases. However, any significant depreciation could contribute to higher petrol prices.
  3. Government Policy and Taxation: The government’s fiscal priorities and taxation decisions will play a pivotal role in determining petrol prices. The authorities may take into account various factors, including inflationary pressures, economic recovery, and consumer affordability, while formulating policies related to petroleum prices.
  4. Supply and Demand Dynamics: The demand for petrol may vary depending on economic activities, transportation needs, and seasonal factors. Monitoring changes in domestic demand and ensuring a stable supply chain will be essential in managing petrol prices.


Predicting petrol price in Pakistan with absolute certainty is a complex task influenced by various factors, both domestic and international. As June approaches, it is crucial to closely monitor global oil market trends, currency exchange rates, government policies, and supply-demand dynamics to assess the potential direction of petrol prices in Pakistan. Citizens and businesses are advised to stay informed and adapt their budgeting and planning accordingly.

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