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New Features Of WhatsApp

Last Updated on June 27, 2023 by Fatima Sajid

WhatsApp is preparing to introduce several exciting features throughout the year. These new features of WhatsApp have already undergone testing with beta users and are on the verge of being made available to everyone. The anticipated WhatsApp new features for 2023 encompass a range of additions, such as a screen lock for the desktop app, view once text, companion mode, an updated Android interface, and more. Within this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of new features of WhatsApp either launched or upcoming WhatsApp features for the year 2023.

New Features Of WhatsApp Launching in 2023

Here are the WhatsApp features that are now live in the stable version of the app.

New Features Of WhatsApp

Message Search

The search for messages by date feature on WhatsApp is now accessible to all iPhone users. This feature proves to be highly beneficial in locating specific messages within extensive chat histories. With the ability to search and find messages based on dates, users can effortlessly navigate through their new features of WhatsApp conversations. To utilize this feature, ensure that you have updated your WhatsApp application to version 23.1.75. Once updated, navigate to the chat window, click on the profile icon, and then tap on ‘Search.’ The search box will appear within the chat window. To search for messages by date, simply select the calendar icon located above the on-screen keyboard and choose the desired date and month.

Video Mode

To enhance the user experience of capturing images and videos, WhatsApp has redesigned its inbuilt camera interface and introduced a dedicated video mode. Previously, users had to press and hold the camera shutter button to record a video. However, the updated user interface now includes a separate new features of WhatsApp button specifically for recording videos, similar to the default camera app on a smartphone. This new feature provides a more intuitive and streamlined approach to capturing videos within the WhatsApp platform. The dedicated video mode is currently accessible on Android devices with version number or higher.

New Features Of WhatsApp

Voice Status

Following extensive beta testing, WhatsApp has begun the gradual release of the voice status feature for both Android and iOS users. This new functionality enables users to share voice messages as status updates with their contacts. To utilize this feature, simply navigate to the ‘Status’ tab within WhatsApp and locate the ‘pencil’ icon at the bottom of the screen. From there, tap the ‘microphone’ icon on the subsequent page and begin recording your voice message, which can be up to 30 seconds in duration. Enjoy expressing yourself through voice status updates on WhatsApp!

Selection OF Private Audience

WhatsApp now offers the option to share your status updates with specific contacts of your choice, granting you greater control over your privacy. You can individually select the recipients for each status you post. To utilize this feature, navigate to the ‘Status’ tab and click on either the ‘camera’ or ‘pencil’ icon. You can then create a text-based status or upload/capture an image. Next, locate the ‘Status (excluded)’ button at the bottom left and tap on it. new features of WhatsAppFrom there, choose the contacts you wish to share the status with by selecting the ‘Only share with…’ option. Once you have made your selection, simply press the ‘checkmark’ icon to upload the status. This contact selector functionality is available in version for Android users. Enjoy sharing your status updates with specific contacts on WhatsApp!

New Features Of WhatsApp

View Once Text

The View Once feature on WhatsApp enables users to send text-based messages that are automatically deleted once the recipient opens and reads them. This functionality proves particularly useful when you want to ensure that confidential and private information is not stored by the recipient. Think of it as the text version of the existing View Once photo feature that has been available on WhatsApp for some time now.


In conclusion, new features of WhatsApp continues to evolve and introduce new features to enhance user experience and privacy. With features like search by date, dedicated video mode, voice status, and View Once messages, WhatsApp is striving to provide a seamless and secure messaging platform for its users.

New Features Of WhatsApp

These updates new features of WhatsApp cater to various needs, such as efficient message retrieval, improved camera functionality, expressive status updates, and enhanced privacy controls. As WhatsApp keeps innovating and refining its features, users can look forward to a more personalized and secure messaging experience.

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