The Position

4Slash is looking for a Product designer with a true passion for knowledge, smart design, and impactful UX decisions. As an ideal candidate, you are ambitious and motivated, with an immediate and obvious passion for solving creative interactive problems independently, as well as within a team environment. You are confident in working with others – local and remote. You are constantly seeking out new experiences & knowledge to add to your arsenal of UX and UI offerings. You are up to date with current mobile, tablet, and web design trends (including implementation practices), and realize that interaction design is a fluid field that requires constant adaptation and change.

  • Thorough product design process - from UX to UI, including multiple solutions to complex and challenging product tasks and deep understanding of the problem you need to solve.
  • Partner with developers to oversee that the user experience is simple, straightforward, and elegant.
  • Work closely with the design and the product team to maintain a high level of deliveries both on the UX and the UI side.

  • 3+ years of Product design experience.
  • Ability to work fast and produce multiple solutions.
  • Strong portfolio of product design.
  • Excellent communication skills to communicate the work.
  • Pixel perfect design.
  • Self-taught, curious, fast learner, fast to respond.

Compensation Package Benefits

From the first day of your employment at 4Slash you’ll get involved in taking challenges, risk, thinking outside the box, and make an influence while getting lots of love and support from the team. At 4Slash the perks include: competitive salary, a tremendous friendly work environment with a company that loves its team.

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