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Imran Khan’s Two Conditions To Quit Politics

Last Updated on June 5, 2023 by Mavia

Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and a former prime minister, has stated that he is prepared to set up a committee for negotiations with “powerful quarters” and that he is prepared to withdraw if the panel is persuaded on two points.

Soon after PTI leader and former federal minister Fawad Chaudhry left the party, he spoke to his supporters.

He declared that he is prepared to appoint a committee to speak with anyone in a position of authority.

“I’m establishing this committee, and I want to make two points. If they convince it that they have a solution and the country can run better without Imran Khan, or they convince it what value will Pakistan receive from conducting elections in October.”

Imran Khan Two Conditions To Quit Politics

He continued, “If you can persuade us of these two points, I am prepared to withdraw for the good of the nation.

The former PM declared, “I am forming a committee and I will announce this tomorrow.”

To preserve the “remnants of democracy in Pakistan,” he pleaded with the Supreme Court (SC).

According to the PTI chairman, the highest court’s judges must be united if the country wants to avoid continuing to live under the rule of the jungle.

Imran Khan stated, “I am sitting ready for them, whenever they come for me,” indicating his readiness in the event of any action taken against him. I continue to be ready every day.

imran khanHe attacked the coercion and methods employed to compel people to leave PTI, calling them a sort of slavery.

“You were not born for this,” the PTI chairman said in an exhortation to his supporters not to give in to fear. A nation’s downfall results from giving in to fear.

Declaring that he would rather die than accept slavery, he reinforced his firm attitude.

He addressed his supporters, assuring them that he would not give up and would fight to the last end. He exhorted the people to never concede defeat.

Those who believe they can stifle the “idea of freedom” by persecution must realise that this is an impossibility, according to Imran Khan.

The former premier expressed optimism that the party’s candidate, whoever he may be, will win the polls because “the people have decided,” despite people going and departing PTI.

He expressed disappointment that the nation is collapsing and people are experiencing financial hardships in an effort to get him out of the picture.

He claimed that people in his party’s custody were being handled inhumanely, while those who agreed to be released received a perfect record.

When an investigation is conducted, the PTI chairman predicted that it will be proven that the May 9 arson was preplanned.

He also questioned why the media and human rights organisations were mute about the crimes against PTI employees.

Shireen Mazari had been treated cruelly, said Imran Khan, and he was pleased that she had made the decision to leave politics and be free of the pain she had experienced.

He described Shireen’s decision to leave politics as a setback for both Pakistani politics and the PTI.

According to Imran Khan, the country is ruled by the law of the jungle and people are being denied their basic rights.

He questioned why there had been no investigation into the May 9 shooting deaths of 25 nonviolent protestors at the hands of law enforcement officials (LEAs).

The former prime minister claimed that his party’s members were under extraordinary pressure because they were being threatened with different repercussions, such as the destruction of their homes and businesses and the kidnappings of their children.

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