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How Odoo Simplifies Your Businesses:

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Hi, if you are looking for a reliable company for how to use Odoo and their customization developer, 4slash is always here to help you out. we would like to present different Odoo simple and high-level module customization services. The key features of the Odoo website are like creating new webpages, customizations in webpages/e-commerce/ shop pages, and implementing the website, we can help you out with creating new snippets and developing themes. we manage your entire business from one place.

We Will Implement Your Odoo Project to Simplify Business Management:

our profitability team from 4slash company goes through the increase of the turnover and the control of the costs of your management. With Odoo, we can control your business at all stages of the business chain: Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Services.

We Customize And Develop Your Odoo Modules:

  • we can Develop and customize your Odoo enterprise modules (v8 to v14)
  • we can Develop and customize your Odoo community modules (v8 to v14)
  • How to use Odoo technical support
  • How to use Odoo API integrations

We Can Fix Errors On Your Odoo ERP System

We will fix any type of error on your Odoo ERP system. we are experienced in Odoo ERP, and we fix any technical error you are facing starting from your hosting environment to your Odoo setup we will set up your Odoo enterprise & create custom module development, with Linux, windows, and mac we can develop how to use Odoo simplifies your business custom module, Sales, e-commerce shop, Purchase, Accounting, Point of sale, Manufacturing, Freight management, education Management, and Back-end and Front-end development programming for your online company. We can provide the best business procedures that gain success in Odoo implementing IDE is used for the development Pycharm community. It is our passion to keep all the how-to-use Odoo customization, development projects keep in GitHub for safety and security. We have powerful skills in coding with Python for how to use Odoo class, object, and models, also strong knowledge in XML for form design and tree view, and basic knowledge for web reporting. Our teams have used PG admin to manage Data structure and migrate and import big Data. There are many servers that maintain software LightSpeed, Apache2, and NGINX but we like to use Nginx, it is our favorite server control. We have implemented more than 300-time Odoo with the sh script with ssh root login in the Linux Ubuntu server and also the windows server. We have deployed how to use Odoo on the Linode cloud server, Digitalocean, Contabo, AWS, and google cloud server, most of our clients are in Linode and digital ocean and we feel comfortable with the Linode VPS cloud server.

Our 4slash company is composed of a team of experienced how-to-use Odoo simplifies your business developers, modelers, designers, and project managers. we manage your project; we can work on Jira / Confluence or any other project management platform.

Management Consulting:

We can manage any Odoo Implementation Project through Jira/Confluence and a set of other tools to streamline the process with minimum pain for your online business.


How to use Odoo accounting. We know the correct Odoo accounting workflow. Odoo accounting is a very powerful tool if you know correctly configured. so we are One of the most configured is the costing procedure for complex inventory and manufacturing workflows.

Financial Planning:

How to use Odoo in Analytic Accounting is the key to understanding your finances a the most granular level. we can do Accountants tend can create countless financial accounting in the search for granularity. That’s because you don’t know how to use Analytic Accounting in Odoo. We can set up your Analytic accounting in Odoo

We Can Rebuild Your Odoo Exe Flectra for Windows with Your Brand Or Company Name And Custom Addons

  • we will create Odoo 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 community or enterprise versions of 32-bit and 64bit executable exe with your company brand name and brand logo for windows operating system and Linux ubuntu Operating system.
  • We will provide executable odoo_setup.exe with your online brand name for windows.
  • We will provide you with all source code with remove all the Odoo brand logos and replace them with your logo and all major place how to use the Odoo brand will remove and place your brand or company name with favicon.ico
  • We will also provide installation script source code for Linux operating system

If you would like to set default settings when installing in your native and own language, country, or currency or if you like to keep default settings, we will provide them for you.

How We Can Help You How to Use Odoo Benefit For A Small Business

As you know times have progressed, and businesses big and small have become more complex in their operations. With several departments having to function and share information with one another, the need for an integrated system has grown by leaps and bounds. Nowadays More and more small businesses are implementing ERP systems. In fact, once we do an ERP system can is implemented, it often becomes the backbone of many corporate-scale businesses small and large. these systems can seamlessly integrate business lifecycles, such as production, inventory management, order processes, and more. we provide An example of this system would be Odoo, it is one of the most popular ERP systems currently available.

You will get Benefits of Odoo to Small Businesses from us:

  • we Facilitate you in decision-making
  • we can Improve your Productivity
  • we Provide you with Data Transparency
  • Encourages Collaboration
  • we will Adapt to the Changing Business Environment for your brand
  • we can give you a Competitive Edge over Small Businesses
  • we provide Odoo’s Affordable Value Benefits for your Business
  • we Reduce your Costs
  • provide you Customizable Framework
  • help The Bottom line

We Will Be Your Odoo ERP Developer and Consultant:

  • our company provides you with good about an Odoo (OpenERP) Developer and Odoo techno consultant, we will provide you the service of Odoo (OpenERP) module customization, migration, implementation, and development.
  • we have many members with expertise in CRM, Sales, Purchase, Project, HR, Invoicing, Accounting, Warehouse, Website, and E-commerce modules
  • we will provide you services for the how-to-use Odoo ERP system:
  • we can Develop a custom module based on your requirements.
  • we Customize modules for your Odoo v10 to v13 or Develop a new module.
  • we can do Odoo configuration and customization
  • we can do Data Importing and Export in Odoo
  • provide Odoo website development
  • we will Custom report development in Odoo
  • Provide Training and Support in Odoo for you
  • we will provide 3rd Party module installation in Odoo

Can We Work Offline in Odoo Open ERP For Your Brand:

Well, it’s not possible, we can’t work offline in Odoo it’s not normally possible because Odoo forms are created and displayed on the go and display the content of the database. Odoo ERP work is only possible to develop a separate app that stores data in a local database and transfers data to the Odoo database using a web service when connected to the Internet.

If We Want To Install The Odoo App On Our Own Hardware, It Is Free Or Paid?

And the answer is Yes, it’s totally free. As an open-source ERP version, Odoo is free, you have no limitations to using it. Its License with AGPL V3, with Exceptions. It means you can’t change their branding and their titles on your server. their community allows businesses to download it directly from the Odoo Official Website without paying any license fees

Why Odoo Is the Best ERP

Well, Odoo is the best ERP. Odoo is considered one of the best ERM available nowadays, mainly due its the operational aspects that the platform brings into the company to run its operations with reliability, effectiveness, and cost-efficiency. Odoo is an open-source enterprise resource planning software that has been developed by a French company called Open Object Software. It is designed to help companies manage their business processes more efficiently. It is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that helps businesses manage their day-to-day

How To Use Odoo Payment Gateways Development:

Hey guys, do you want to receive payment online for your business by implementing online payment gateway services ranging from any payment solution with Odoo? we are here to help you to do to implement one so that you can automate your business.

  • we have already integrated many Payment gateway integrations with ODOO like Sslcommerz, Halcim, Safer, etc.
  • we can Developing Payment gateway Acquirers for your payment gateway
  • Integrate the payment gateway to existing modules and your banks.
  • we will Comply with the security parameters and add a secure channel for an easy transactions for our customers.
  • Easy to extend with new features in the future.


Please! feel free to contact our relevant team members, for payment gateway integration or other E-Commerce API with ODOO.


With Odoo, we can control your business at all stages of the business chain: Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Services. we can develop how to use Odoo custom module, Sales, e-commerce shop, Purchase, Accounting, Point of sale, Manufacturing, Freight management, education Management, and Back-end and Front-end development programming for your online company. We can provide the best business procedures that gain success in Odoo implement How Odoo Simplifies Your Businesses:

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