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Get Your Ecommerce Website Done In 5 days

Last Updated on March 29, 2023 by Mavia

The Internet has become a necessary tool in our lives as it impacts our everyday functions. We use the Internet for multiple purposes like socializing, working, research and entertainment. The Internet also helps you to get your Ecommerce website done in 5 days. A lot of shoppers use social networks and the Internet for shopping, and this trend is increasing daily. Ecommerce websites are essential for retailers to showcase their products online so that people can buy from them.

Starting an e-commerce website has various steps that need to be followed to get your Ecommerce website done in 5 days.

Why Do You Need To Get Your Ecommerce Website Done In 5 Days

It is evident that e-commerce growth brings many perks for clients and businesses alike, which makes up the reason for creating e-commerce websites. The reason to build e-commerce websites is endless in this age.

Build an e-commerce website, and you will benefit your potential customers and grow your business worldwide. Build an e-commerce website from scratch with some easy steps that we are going to discuss in this article.

  • New market investment

For many businesses, especially small-scale startups or companies, reaching potential customers in a new market with only a physical shopping store can be tough.

An e-commerce website enables new and small-scale companies to reach new customers that could not be otherwise reached with brick-and-mortar selling.

  • Creating an ideal shopping experience

Online e-commerce businesses directly impact the customers’ shopping experience by providing them with unique and ideal facilities through various ways like personalized services, stories, and videos.

Ecommerce business reaches a lot of people with the help of the Internet, which they would not otherwise like through email marketing and social media strategy.

  • Build-up your brand

If you sell any kind of products online, then they appear on the online marketplace like Amazon or eBay. In this way, your products get branding which is essential to building up your company worldwide.

How To Get Your Ecommerce Website Done In 5 Days?

Building an e-commerce website from scratch is more simple than you can imagine Tons of e-commerce solutions do all the work for you. But there are certain things that you need to understand and practice to successfully create an e-commerce website yourself.

So glance down at the simple steps to get your e-commerce website in 5 days.

  1. Choose a perfect e-commerce platform
  2. Buy a domain name
  3. Find a good developer
  4. Select a unique theme for your e-commerce website
  5. Customize the e-commerce template
  6. Put your products on the website
  7. Establish payment options
  8. Figure out the settings for shipping
  9. Preview the website, test it and then publish your unique online store

Find And Choose A Perfect Ecommerce Platform

Finding out and then selecting a perfect eCommerce platform is essential to process how to get your eCommerce website done in 5 days. This is the first step to making your own unique eCommerce website.

1) The Different Types Of Ecommerce Platforms

There are 3 primary types of eCommerce platforms that most people choose from. They suit different sorts of businesses and companies and have different and certain functions for every website.

2) SaaS

Software as a service is also known as SaaS, an eCommerce platform that works on subscriptions. This system is effortless and straightforward to use and has robust security. They are specifically designed for different e-commerce functions.

3) Open-Source

With an open-source e-commerce platform, you can make use of the source code free of cost to everyone who wants to use its service. Open source is endlessly customizable, and it is totally free to install and use.

4) Headless Commerce

Headless commerce is used widely as it separates the e-commerce site display from that of the shopping cart. It allows making use of CMS, which is the content management system.

5) E-Commerce Hosting Process

Website hosting is the place where all the data of the e-commerce website is saved and stored. The hosting process determines the costs and security needs of the website.

6) On-Premise

This hosting process refers to the e-commerce website that is being hosted on a certain server that is owned by that particular business. It is usually discovered on open-source solutions.

7) Cloud

It refers to the hosting process that is a hosted-off e-commerce website. It is usually offered by e-commerce solutions like SaaS or some headless commerce businesses. This platform is ideal for updates, upgrades, and patches.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing An Ecommerce Solution

There are several things that need to be kept in mind while going for an e-commerce solution, and they are named below.

1) Traffic Capacity

Do you have to ask a question yourself if the platforms meet the requirement of the current traffic? Can the platform withstand a lot of traffic when your business and its needs expand? If the answer is yes, then the platform may be ideal.

2) Mobile Optimization

Many consumers shop from their mobile phones, so you have to check the platforms working on the mobile or tablet and their optimization.

3) Website Performance

The most important thing is website performance. You need to ensure that the platform works properly and consistently with robust uptime records. This will ensure that the customers can use the shop at any time.

4) Secure Data And Payments

The platform must have a foolproof security system to safeguard the payments and data of the consumers. The SaaS is ideal for security as it offers PCI and SSL.

5) E-Commerce Website Builders Option

The website builder is the main foundation of any online store, without which it cannot exist or run properly. The website builder is given options that are explicitly designed for the purpose of e-commerce.

6) BigCommerce

It provides 24/7 customer service, which is the most amazing this about it. It is a SaaS solution that is also scalable. They provide plenty of built-in characteristics and features.

7) Magento

This self-hosted e-commerce solution provides you with complete creative freedom regarding many things like coding knowledge and much more. There are a lot of other benefits as well.

8) Shopify

SaaS has another solution known as Shopify that is fully hosted and is well-known for its simple and quick setup. There are extensive plug-ins, but if you begin to use them more, the prices also increase.

9) WooCommerce

It is open-source and has a WordPress plug-in that is completely free to install and use. A lot of e-commerce websites widely use it.

Buy a Domain Name

If you already own a domain name, then you can easily use it for your store builder. Finding and buying a domain name is also easy; you just need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Choose an easy name and avoid difficult spellings

A domain name needs to be easy to recall and write or type, so avoid difficult or creative spellings.

  1. Do not use generic names

A generic name creates many problems as people often forget the name or mix it with some other company name.

  1. Go for shorter names

It will be great if a domain name will be within 6-14 characters so it will be easy to remember for the customer.

Find a Good Developer

A developer is also necessary for e-commerce website development. They know all the technicalities and complex processes to complete your e-commerce website in 5 days. You have to communicate your ideas and thoughts to the developer so that you can be on the same page.

Select A Unique Theme For Your E-commerce Website

You can customize your e-commerce website with tons of customizing features that will make your shop unique and eye-catching.

Customize the e-commerce template

For customizing the e-commerce template, you have to consider the following things:

  1. Smooth and easy customer navigation.
  2. Design your homepage and make it unique and easy to use.
  3. Make use of other customization options to make your products and shop stand out.

Put Your Products On The Website

The next step is to add the products to the website. Products are the most important things of any e-commerce website, so they need the best effort. These are the factors to make your product find

its potential buyer.

  1. Add SEO Product descriptions
  2. Add product images
  3. Select product categories

Establish Payment Options

The next thing to do is choose any of the eCommerce payment gateways that will work best for you and your customer. These are the things you have to consider while selecting a payment option.

  1. Redirects
  2. On-site payments
  3. Payment off-site, checkout on-site 

Figure Out The Settings For Shipping

After the payment method, you have to choose the essential thing: the shipping method, policy, and other settings.

Preview the website, test it and then publish your unique online store

When you have created and done all the steps, preview the website, test it on multiple browsers and regulate the store’s settings.

Here are some questions that will help you to see if the website is working properly or not.

Is the checkout working properly?

Do a test after completing an order and see if all the features are running properly.

Is the function of the store running smoothly?

Click and check every page, button, and link available on the website.


Getting your E-commerce website done in 5 days is possible because it is not difficult if you are aware of the technicalities. You just need to follow the necessary steps to start selling online.

All those steps are explained at length in this article. We hope you learned everything you needed to build an eCommerce website from scratch.


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