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What Is the Difference Between Video & Animations

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The difference between Videos and animations are two types of online content that have been growing in popularity over the past few years. But there are few differences between them.

4Slash is an online marketing agency. We specialize in video and animation. We have helped many companies to grow their businesses through video & animation content creation.

The main basic difference between video & animation is, that Animation is the art of drawing sketches of an object and then showing them in a series of frames so that it looks like a moving and living thing to us while on the other hand, a video is a recording of either still or moving objects from a video camera and you can easily start shooting anywhere and anytime you want. You don’t even need a person as you can shoot nature or whatever comes into your mind. even you can shoot the actions of your pet dog and then see creating animated videos is easier as most of the work is done using computers. However, it is easier said than done as the main work involves creating illustrations that take a long, Once we converted into the video format, there is virtually no difference between an animation and a video as one can upload or download and see it just like normal videos.

Everything You Need To Know About Video & Animation

We help you out with Step-by-step and highly practical services covering whiteboard explainers and animation, short video ads, video editing, character animation, and more!

Difference between Video & Animation Services at 4slash

We create high-quality animations with advanced tools like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Zbrush, and more. We work closely to stay current on the latest animation trends and techniques, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. We offer a wide range of outsourcing animation services including 3D video, explainer video, motion animation, whiteboard animation, 2D animated characters video, and more. From storyboard to final video footage, we deliver customers the most precise animation services that work.

Our Animation Services

Combining quality animations, professional editing skills, captivating effects, and various animation styles, 4SLASH offers the best video animation services.

2D Animation

4SLASH offers our customers full-service 2D animations for your script, storyline, and products. We create unique and customizable 2D animated videos including characters, creatures, FX, and backgrounds. Our 4SLASH team works effectively on the script and voiceover of animated videos to help your brand stand out so if you are still looking for amazing 2d animation reach out to us now! we compliment your brand and convey your message effectively.

3D Animation

4SLASH provides you with professionally curated 3D animated videos with services such as product animation, visualization, stop motion, and rendering. We are animate to appeal to your audience while staying within budget and timeline.

Cartoon Animation

4SLASH uses high-quality animation software, and 2D and 3D animation to bring your dull content to life. Our imaginative cartoon animations use memorable expressions, body gestures, and emotions to captivate your viewers.  also, we keep our Cartoon Animated Videos focused on your brand colors and brand styles to develop and maintain your brand’s identity in the viewer’s mind through our Cartoon Explainer Videos. 4SLASH believes that the child within your audience would love to get entertained while watching your brand’s videos, so we create genuinely funny Cartoon Animated Videos that can become their refreshment source.

Motion Graphics Animation

4SLASH values and understands the importance of text, shapes, images, and colors in online business marketing. We create brand engagement for your business marketing through our motion graphics videos. 4SLASH is honored to have rich experience working with big brands and creating product motion graphics for them, our extremely talented team knows how to attain the target audience and deliver them to obtain your explicit goals. our Motion graphics work is famous in many industries, including education

4SLASH motion graphics videos can also help especially in kids with limited concentration spans or ADHD kids’ memories of complex concepts. Hence, our best team customizes the movement and design of each script in a clear and visually appealing way, leaving your viewers in awe.

Live-Action Animation

4SLASH excels at creating videos that feature human stories and real people. We express your story in such a way that it captures your audience’s attention and expertly provides visually stunning live-action services. Our 4SLASH team to provide your realism and relatability in every element of your animation video and make it as real as possible and make your multimedia project more attractive and appealing. Through our creative team, you can create live-action videos, also we can put a face on your brand and showcase all the features of your brand in a lively manner. With our passion and expertise in teamwork, we can create attention-grabbing live-action videos that are amazingly appealing and creative. We can also combine live-action explainer videos with 2D and 3D video animation, to eliminate the need for lengthy explanatory narrations.

Whiteboard Animation

4SLASH creates eye-catching and informative whiteboard animations for your brand or product. From online business marketing to video demonstrations, at 4SLASH, the story comes first and that’s what separates us from cookie-cutter whiteboard video companies. our talented and creative team at 4SLASH has a knack for simplifying and retaining the viewer’s attention with our whiteboard animation services. Our best illustrators are at the top of their craft ensuring that your complex concepts become great stories. We always stay focused on your marketing goals and create whiteboard videos that hit it off with your target audience. Elevated work is just another plus.

our whiteboard animation video is ideal for delivering a complex idea with lively characters.

Explainer Video Animation

4SLASH creates instructive and direct explainer videos. We simplify your complex topics into engaging animations. Increasing your customer base and sales, 4SLASH creates personalized videos for clients that are free of flaws. We are honored to be able to deliver our work in powerful messages perfectly and keep viewers’ attention till the end of the videos. We are believing in creating and presenting even complex ideas in the simplest ways possible, thereby bringing more value to your online business

Our talented 4SLASH team works hard every day to create something unique for our customers that will captivate your audience. 4SLASH is the best explainer video production company that aims to bring spirit and interest to your subject with its animations. With our explainer video services, we always bring your content to life. Our main aim is to deliver explainer videos that reveal the true message of your brand

Screencast Animation

4SLASH animates and styles screencast videos to explain your mobile app, website, software, or platform effectively. by Using perfect screen captures, audio narrations, and a combination of animations, Screencast Animation is most effective and has very positive outcomes in the case of explanations. That is why this tool is not only used by companies for online marketing but has also gained popularity in the teaching field.

4SLASH is playing a prominent role in making Screencast Animated Videos interesting for our viewers, as our videos are short, appropriate, and throw the spotlight on the target to give crystal clear explanations for your customers about the product/Brand. We have a dedicated 4SLASH team that values your brand and make Screencast Animated Videos according to your demands or requirements. We believe in perfection and make spectacular videos that are attractive and can hold your customer’s or viewers’ attention at once. we can make our customer brand even more impactful.

Typography Animation

4SLASH combines text and motion to convey your ideas and elicit emotions in viewers. We can use this technique to add an artistic element to any project such as a music video, website, mobile app, commercial, and more

Kinetic Typography is the art of telling your content-based stories through Animated Words. It is equally expressive even without sound. 4SLASH is the right choice if you are looking for this Kinetic Typography services. If you want videos for the following purposes, 4SLASH is here to fulfill your need by creating Kinetic Typography videos for each of these


  • Music Videos
  • Educational Purposes
  • Commercials
  • Mobile apps
  • Documentaries
  • YouTube videos


Our astounding Kinetic Typography Animation Services will let you capture your target audience by connecting your ideas through our breathtaking Typography Animated Videos. 4SLASH believes in giving its best to our clients at affordable prices. we believe in the relationship with our clients matters a lot. One satisfied client adds one more achievement for 4SLASH

Our Video Services

4SLASH helps customers convey their message effectively and creatively via video services. Our expert team grasps your viewer’s attention and keeps them engrossed throughout by putting eye-catching content such as icons, text, and characters in the video. 4SLASH has offered various types of video services and guides our viewers on the type of which videos best suit their own online product or brand type.

We can use these tools to Create Videos

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Zbrush
  • 3dS Max
  • Auto Desk Maya
  • Moho Pro 13

Our Process for Creating Videos

Our expertise in the process of creating the video industry lets us stay one step ahead of our competitors. Our value-driven video process is simple but effective.

Gathering Information

The process begins with discovering your brand and also your targeted audience. To begin working on your project, we can discuss our client’s requirements and ideas.

Script & Storyboard

After gathering the basic necessary information, we can start work on the script and storyboard. Our team creates a unique and engaging script for every project.

Scenes & Sequence

In the next step, we can define the scenes and sequences including the length and format of the video script. In this step, we can also decide how the video will be shot.

Voice-Over Recording

Now if you have a powerful message and concept, you’ll need a perfect voice to deliver it. This is where our voice-over team member plays their part.

Visual Style

In this stage, we can decide with clients the text, images, background color, icons, character design, and everything that gives a rough idea of how the final video will look.


This is the most important & powerful step where our team finally brings your video to life. Once everything is put together, we can send it to them for the client’s approval.


Finally, when we have done it, then you can save and use your video on your website or platform. Besides, if necessary, our 4SLASH team will be accessible to make additional tweaks or updates for you.



Sadly, many business owners aren’t taking advantage of this marketing strategy, often because they don’t know where to start. As you’ve seen in this article step-by-step what we do, Now that you’ve delved into how, when, and why you should use video or animation strategy for your business and 4SLASH are always here for you on how to successfully promote your business through video and animation services, there’s nothing holding you back. You’ll be conquering the video & animation world in no time

Differences between Video or animations for online marketing are one of the best performing types of digital marketing. It’s rapidly growing as one of the most powerful online marketing tools—and it’s highly preferred by potential customers. Your business can reap these benefits by producing an explainer video. You’ll see surprised at the outcomes need more info or avail of any of our video & animation services for your brand, contact us today, and we will be in touch shortly


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