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Design An Attractive WordPress Website in 7 days:

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When you looking to start a business or have a central hub for all your online activity, a WordPress website is the perfect solution for you. WordPress is a website ready-to-serve website design tool you can use at no cost. WordPress can help you create your own website, and it is easier to use than a one-page website. So now Get the Original WordPress Design and Development Packages from 4Slash we design an attractive WordPress website in 7 days we have solid knowledge in web programming and graphic designing and our works are not only enchanting but also integrated with graphics, video, and audio. We are also skillful in problem-solving methods, and we are acquainted with languages like Python, PHP, CSS, XML, HTML, HTML5, SQL, JavaScript, and multimedia publishing tools like Flash and Photoshop.

Programming And Graphic Designing:

We can take care of:

. Android/IOS projects

. Website, RESTful API, E-Commerce, Backend, and Frontend developing

. HTML (5), CSS (3)

. Amazon: AWS / EC2 / S3, and other 3rd party services

. PHP, MySQL, MVC, Laravel, CodeIgniter

We can build applications right from scratch and assure you and create a new design and deliver your WordPress website in 7 days under 200$. We build WordPress sites that are ultra-fast loading and secured against failure or hacking. We’ve also added new features like professional on-page SEO, which means your website pages will rank highly in organic Google searches for keywords that your competition isn’t using.

We Fully Secured For Maximum Protection Like:

  • Fast loading pages for better conversion with clients and navigability
  • Fully responsive – like mobile, iPad, laptop, or desktop ready
  • we delivered your WordPress website in 7 days for 200$

WordPress is open-source software that powers millions of websites and applications. Find out why so many organizations use WordPress and why it’s the best solution for your business. That’s why our team members focus heavily on custom design and stellar user experience, but also offer excellent set-up and maintenance services for our clients who need help with plugins or create new designs or themes. Whether customers need highly tailored frontend or backend work, we’ll figure out the best solution for your needs.

It doesn’t matter whether you run a small business or a large corporation – everyone needs a website nowadays. Our websites are designed to earn you more money by helping you get more visitors. If you are an expert in your niche, then it is pointless to waste your valuable time on designing meaningless WordPress websites that will end up looking like every other website out there. we work with you in the pre-production stage to ensure that what we do for you is pertinent to your industry and in line with your target audience. Whether it is a blog, an e-commerce site, or a business directory website, our recent work section will show you what we can do. We value integrity and hence engage only when we know that our services will deliver value for our customers.

Following Are Our Complimentary Services:

  • Automated backup, caching, and security to daily or weekly backup of your website,
  • Free Premium theme and create new designs from a collection of many top-selling themes & designs
  • Free WordPress hosting

We have done a record number of sales in one year with 200+ websites made with all 200+ 5-star client feedback.

Let’s start the work on your dream WordPress website in 7 days with BEST of quality 🙂

Get any WordPress Issue/Problem fixed

our team members are always here to provide WordPress Website maintenance, update, or customization service for our existing clients as well as new clients. our services include fixing bugs that already exist in the old website. For a new design and theme setup with existing content, if the new theme or design doesn’t have the same structure, some content may not be displayed in the new theme. For example, your blog title and blog contents are regular fields, they will appear in the new theme. However, if in the old theme, you have a blog address or blog location – these are not common fields, hence they may not appear in the new theme (further customization is required which is outside the project scope of theme setup). but it doesn’t include replacing/re-arranging demo content with your real content. If you want to keep existing content, we recommended to setup in staging website first. That way your live website is not affected during WordPress website development.

If you need further guidance on migration and WordPress design & theme setup, please contact and Counsel our representative they guide you better. For migration, it also includes setting up your email after migration. Make sure to consult with your hosting support for moving the E-mail server. A new design or custom theme cannot be hosted on, it must be hosted in self-hosting.

Combine Your WordPress Website Security And Performance Optimization In A Short Time:

  • A secure connection between your visitors and your server is essential for a successful online business.
  • Your site may be vulnerable to hackers if you don’t optimize it properly. we provide you with these two services to keep your site safe from malware attacks.
  • we’ll optimize the security of your WordPress CMS-based Site as its best with performance optimization to speed it up!


A lot of people don’t know about the importance of having a secure website.  we’ll show you why it’s so important. You’ll be able to see exactly what happens when we optimize your site.

Things We Need From Clients To Create Their WordPress Website In 7 Days Under 200$:

  • A couple of links of your WordPress website design that charms you the most or they could be your competitor websites.
  • New design Color scheme that you are looking for.
  • Up to 5–10-page Web content in word doc (500 words per page) and your logo.
  • Domain and hosting login detail.


We are creating a website for your business can be a daunting task. From what niche to find starting a blog – our team of experts can guide you through the process. When you looking to start a business or have a central hub for all your online activity, a WordPress website in 7 days is the perfect solution for you.



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